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Some type designers are criticized regularly for not allowing @font-face embedding in their licenses. Between Font Squirrel and our sister site Fontspring, we've worked hard developing the technology and making it accessible to everyone who wants to try it out. While the generator has clearly had a big impact on the world of web fonts we must respect type designers requirements as to what can and can't be done with their masterpieces.


Big Generator Upgrade

We're constantly iterating with the Generator, and here are the latest changes. Among them, a tweaked main menu, OpenType feature-flattener and spacing adjustments.


The Official "How to Use the Generator" Post

The Generator offers web designers the ability to convert any font into easy to use @font-face webfonts. Some of you find it so easy and intuitive that it requires no explanation. Others of you need a bit more detail on the hows and whys. This post should answer most of your questions.


The Font Squirrel API

We've implemented a simple system you can integrate into your web applications to get at our font data.


Troubleshooting Font-Face Problems

Each browser has its own idiosyncrasies that will cause headaches for web developers trying to get webfonts working on their websites. This short post details some of the common reasons some browsers will fail to load fonts.


The Big Web Show Interview

Font Squirrel's own Ethan Dunham along with Typekit's Jeff Veen discuss the current state of webfonts. This was the inaugural show produced by Jeffrey Zeldman and Dan Benjamin.


The Web 2.0 Show Interview

Last week I had a chat with Adam Stacoviak of the Web 2.0 Show about Font Squirrel and all things @font-face. If you are interested in hearing the guy behind the squirrel, check it out.


@font-face Generator Expectations

We are all very excited to finally see browsers support some form of font embedding. Hurray you get to use any font you want now. While we were all celebrating that fact, the elephant in the room started trumpeting...


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