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License for 'Jr Hand'

Tepid Monkey Fonts

T E P I D   M O N K E Y   F O N T S
freeware fonts for a freeware world

Site:  http://www.moorstation.org/typoasis/designers/tepidmonkey/index.htm
E-mail: TepidMonkey@yahoo.com

Thanks for your interest in my fonts!

For help on how to unzip, unstuff or install one of my
fonts, please visit my site at http://www.moorstation.org/typoasis/designers/tepidmonkey/index.htm
and go to the Help section.
If you have any comments or questions, you can e-mail
me at TepidMonkey@yahoo.com and I'll try to reply as
soon as possible.

Every week, I present a brand new original font for
your downloading pleasure, so be sure to visit my web
site every Sunday.

You may use this font(s) for non-commercial and
commercial purposes. You are not allowed to sell this
font for any fee at all. You are allowed to
redistribute it as long as you don't charge ANYTHING
for it (at all) and if you include this unaltered
Read Me file. You may not change any aspect of the font
file or this file.
For the full set of terms of use (which override what
is listed here), go to http://www.moorstation.org/typoasis/designers/tepidmonkey/index.htm
and visit the Terms Of Use section.

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