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License for 'Gondola SD'

Steve Deffeyes Font License

This font was created by Steve Deffeyes. It is freeware so re-distribute it
as much as you like, just keep the original .zip intact with this file.
Please do not modify and re-distribute the original .ttf font file, or the
original .zip file.

Do -not- under any circumstance re-distribute the original .ttf font file,
or the original .zip file, and charge -any- money for it. This includes
putting it on a CDROM for sale, or putting it for download on a website
where access and/or membership fees are charged.

You -may- use the font to create all manner of artworks, publications, or
graphics. There is no need to ask in advance. You -may- charge money for the
resulting artworks, either as a product for sale or by charging consulting
fees to create it. In doing so you may -not- add any additional usage
restrictions that affect the original .ttf font file.

If you do end up using it for something, or if you have any questions,
feel free to drop me a line at info@deffeyes.com. Thanks!


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