Suit Icons

Septyn v1.00

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The following is a “plain English” license explaining the acceptable use of this font. Use or distribution of this font implies you consent to this license agreement.
The intent of this license is to allow no-cost, no-attribution use and no-cost access to this font while prohibiting the distribution of modified or incomplete versions of the font or its glyphs. The following sections attempt to codify this. If a question arises, the simplest interpretation consistent with the intent of this license is the correct interpretation.
1. You may use and/or distribute this font for any purpose with the following exceptions:
a. You are not allowed to distribute this font file without a copy of this license.
b. You are not allowed to restrict the right of others to use and/or distribute this font.
c. You are not allowed to convert and distribute this font, or any portion of this font, to another format (for example, .svg, .ttf).
d. You are not allowed to modify this font’s source code and/or distribute a modified version of this font.
e. You are not allowed to embed this font, in whole or in part, in another font.
2. Commercial use and/or distrubtion of this font has the following additional requirements:
a. You are allowed to use or include this font with digital editing products (such as but not limited to an online design tool), but you must provide a free and unrestricted method for users to obtain this font (for example, a direct download or a working link to another website).
b. Commercial use of this font does not include the right to sell or resell this font (and/or its source code) by itself nor as part of a collection of fonts.
3. Personal and/or commercial use of this font is otherwise unrestricted.

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Suit Icons Regular free font

Suit Icons Regular | 192 Glyphs



Font Information

Suit Icons is a free font full of playing card suit icons, wannabe suit icons, and geometric shapes that could be used for playing cards or prototyping games.

Downloads: 14,360
Uploaded on: June 4, 2020
Designed by: Septyn
Classification: Dingbat
Tags: Display

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