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Yamaoka Yasuhiro @ YOWorks (June/2006)
E-mail: mail@yoworks.com | YOWorks Web Site: http://www.yoworks.com/


Midiet Serif Light free font

Midiet Serif Light | 230 Glyphs

Midiet Serif Italic Light free font

Midiet Serif Italic Light | 230 Glyphs

Midiet Serif Medium free font

Midiet Serif Medium | 230 Glyphs

Midiet Serif Italic Medium free font

Midiet Serif Italic Medium | 230 Glyphs

Midiet Serif Bold free font

Midiet Serif Bold | 230 Glyphs

Midiet Serif Italic Bold free font

Midiet Serif Italic Bold | 230 Glyphs

Font Information

The letterset from the design scratches for Midiety in 1990 was modified their proportions of capitals, lower cases and numerics after the long intermittent lettershape studies, then finally has been given a name Midiet with only bold complements on 4th January/2009. In the same January, two weights had been added.

Midiety was the source typeface for my Engraver Sans and Pica, here the trio has been made with the new comer Midiet.

Midiet is designed by Yamaoka Yasuhiro 1990-2009.

Downloads: 25,254
Uploaded on: September 23, 2009
Designed by: YOFonts
Classification: Serif
Tags: Paragraph, Serif, Slab
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