Sovba Regular

insign Font License v1.00

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The Font-Software and any updates, upgrades, additions or modified versions are the intellectual property of Jeremy Dooley (insigne). Licensee (you or your employer) is licensed to use the Font-Software on one computer, unless additional licenses are purchased for additional computers or a multi-license agreement is reached. Only for the purpose of outputting design work may Licensee create a copy of the Font-Software Licensee used in the design work to provide to a commercial printer or other service bureau. Insigne Font-Software may not be made available to unlicensed third parties for any other purpose, unless additional licensees per computer are purchased. Examples of violations of this EULA include making the Font-Software available for public download on the internet, sharing them via peer to peer programs, emailing the Font-Software to others, distributing the Font-Software on storage mediums or any other future file distribution method. Licensee is permitted to create backup copies of the Font-Software, but Licensee must ensure copies are secure and not accessible to non-licensed users. Insigne type software is protected under United States and international copyright law.

Use of the Font-Software

Licensee may use the licensed Font-Software to create images on any medium. A special license is required when insigne Font-Software is used to create a product for retail or online resale where the Font-Software is the primary design element or if the licensed Font-Software is embedded into software or hardware products. Please contact for pricing or with questions about your use.


Standard License uses include, but are not limited to:
Corporate identity packages
E-books or embedded documents
Website Graphics
Static, non editable graphics embedded in computer applications such as splash screens
Annual Reports
Promotional material.
Motion Graphics

Special License uses include, but are not limited to:
Stencil Products
Stock Art
Sticker Products
Embedding in a software product in a non-static manner. Examples include game HUDs, user interfaces.

Outputting, Embedding, Modification and Redistribution of the Font-Software

Only for the purpose of outputting design work may the Licensee create a copy of the Font-Software Licensee has used in design work to a commercial printer or other service bureau. Upon outputting the file, the Font-Software should be deleted by the service bureau, or the service bureau must purchase licenses for continued use.

Embedding of the Font-Software into electronic documents or internet pages is permitted. Licensees are encouraged to protect their investment and take reasonable steps to ensure that recipients of electronic documents or internet pages cannot extract the Font-Software from such documents.

Licensee may transfer or assign the Font-Software to a third party if the number of computers licensed remains the same. The Font-Software may be modified by an in-house team or a third party as long as there are an identical number of licenses granted as there are computers using the modified font. The modified Font-Software may not be sold or distributed. Insigne Font-Software cannot be resold, leased or redistributed without written permission.

Disclaimer and Limited Warranty

Insigne is not responsible for any problems that may arise from the use of the Font-Software, such as computer malfunctions, idle time, shortfall of production, waste of material and any other direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages that are caused by our Font-Software.

In the event that the Font-Software does not work, insigne would only provide a replacement or refund for the Font-Software Licensee ordered.

Upon termination of this Font-Software License Agreement, Licensee agrees to destroy and refrain from using the Font-Software, the media, copies and/or any modified or merged portions thereof.


Sovba Regular Regular free font

Sovba Regular Regular | 448 Glyphs

Font Information

Downloads: 69,652
Uploaded on: October 23, 2009
Designed by: insigne design
Classification: Handdrawn
Tags: Elegant, Sans Serif, Sans, Humanist
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