Nymphont License v1.00

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Free for commercial and personal use.
If you can/want to give credit
to me I’m Lauren Thompson
The Font Nymph
you can link me
would be cool but is not required.
If you use this font somewhere, don’t
be shy, email me nymphont@yahoo.com
with a link so I can see, would you please?
No one ever does that! :)  Download and use
this font freely commercially or personally, but if
you must donate, I’m willing to accept through PayPal. :)

Give your life a listen & Stay tuned,
From the Fabulous Las Vegas,
Lauren Thompson

Oh please, no derivitaves/modifications what-so-ever
and Nymphont, Lauren Thompson shall not be responsible for any direct or indirect damages or loss arising out of the use or inability to use these fonts and downloading them. Upon downloading the user accepts all responsibility. Do not copy or redistribute. Distribution of this font has been limited to select
authorized distributors. Font Squirrel is an authorized distributor of this font.


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Nymphette Regular free font

Nymphette Regular | 66 Glyphs

Font Information

From the Nymphont website: A dingbat set including centuries-old traditional calligraphic text decorations, ornaments, and scrolls. This one remains my most popular font. Enjoy, Nymphette is free for personal as well as commercial uses. Donations are always appreciated and accepted!

Downloads: 369,008
Uploaded on: June 3, 2009
Designed by: Nymphont
Classification: Dingbat
Tags: Brushed, Calligraphic, Classical, Curly, Decorative, Elegant, Ornaments
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