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Yamaoka Yasuhiro @ YOWorks (June/2006)
E-mail: mail@yoworks.com | YOWorks Web Site: http://www.yoworks.com/


Nord Regular free font

Nord Regular | 135 Glyphs

Nord Bold free font

Nord Bold | 135 Glyphs

Nord Black free font

Nord Black | 153 Glyphs

Font Information

The name Nord is, actually, my misspelling to Node (it is where plant’s stem/branch starts to grow). I had not aware of it for a long time, and now I leave it misspelled. So, the imege of Nord does not come from Scandinavia - Nord is an old French term for Northern, Nordique means Scandinavian. The shape with the ovals in the same proportion for the terminals/curves in letterforms, it suggested me the imege from plant. That is why the name came from. I maintained the bold complement which had been completed in 1992, then exhibited it as free font.

In 1999, Donald Beekman sent me his work of my Nord included its thinner/thicker variations. Regular weight for Nord had been already on drawing board, and I decided to add more complemental versions to it by seeing his work. Now its Regular and Black weights are newly available.

Later, I added more complements for Nord as Extended Family: Small Caps, Large Lows (enlarged lower cases as upper cases) and Composite (a combination of these two complements).

Nord is designed by Yamaoka Yasuhiro 1992-2001.

Downloads: 62,148
Uploaded on: September 23, 2009
Designed by: YOFonts
Classification: Display
Tags: Condensed, Headline, Square
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